Donate To Sonadevaarogyam
Donate To Sonadevaarogyam
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To promote awareness about disabilities in rural & urban areas. 

            To screen school, college, social organization to deal with different kind of disabilities and counsel for the rehabilitation

 To rehabilitate hard of hearing children and promote them to leave like normal. To give software training to different kind of disabilities (s (Such as HOH, LD, Autistic, CP Aphasia) by software profession.

                                To counsel Parents, teachers, patient about their disabilities & Rehabilitate them as soon as possible.
                                To become world known research rehabilitation Society with all new technology, staff,
social workers and active member.

                        To manage & Maintain education for disabled population ,libraries ,reading rooms, common rooms ,hostels, speech & hearing disabilities and computer related books Adult with normal& disabled and non formal education centre and arrange their therapies educational facilities among the rural area . 

                         To Manage & Maintain training centre for disable as normal population such as cutting ,painting, drawing ,knitting ,toy &doll making, beauty culture , training for parents to support their own children ,instrument training(such as FM system etc. 

                        To  manage and maintain Health Care centre, Nursing homes, family planning centre, vaccination centre, blood donation centre and other medical camp as mobile health centre, Aids, Cancer, T.B., control programme.

To provide vocational training, small scale industry, fishery, animal husbandry to unemployed youth, wom       en, men for their economical development and self employment. 

      Aware and pledge people about cleanliness and manage drinking water and low cost rest room in rural area. 

      Work for progress of agriculture, give knowledge about modern agriculture, develop seed and minor irrigation facilities, sericulture, horticulture, medicinal plant, aromatic plants etc. 

      Organize seminar, debates, meeting conference and workshop for all type of development of society. 

      To development of women and child to run self help group etc. 

      To provide handicraft training programme & other programme for self employment.!/sonadevaarogyam